M. Kenyon Charboneaux

M. Kenyon Charboneaux is a writer and teacher of writing; one time actress and torch singer, freelance book and movie reviewer and writing (fiction and non-fiction) coach, line-editor and proofreader. She has three published books, Cri Du Coeur, which, while in progress, won the CNW/HHFA Annual First Chapter competition; Blood Kiss, one of the best selling vampire novels on the Web as listed on Blackmask's Best Sellers list, staying at Number 1 for three weeks running and continuing for several other weeks intermittently throughout 2003 and 2004 at number 1; and 8 City Tales : Darkness Visible, a book of short stories which includes the Higby nominated City Terminus, originally published in the ezine, anotherealm; A Visit From Daddy, a winner in the Writer's Journal short story contest and published in that magazine; Grasshoppers, a winner in the National Writer's Association annual short story competition, and other previously published stories including The Blind Man Who Saw A Ghost (Spectre Magazine) and Vampire on the Paralegal Shift (Vampire's Crypt Magazine), as well as three new stories written for this release of the collection. Her well reviewed short story Winter Mirror is now available in the horror anthology ADUMBRA, from www.magellanbooks.com. She is currently at work on an octet of stand alone novels connected by one thematic thread, the first of which, The Virgin of Pontos Vallejos, was a short listed finalist for the Heekin Fellowship and a two time nominee for the Master's Award as a Work in Progress. She is editor of Eros & Thanatos, (f/k/a Eros & Rust) a newsletter of original fiction and writer's resources (copies can be found on www.zinester.com). Her website - Kenyon's Labyrinth is also a writer's resource website where her own work is available for purchase, as well as that of other distinguished, new voices in poetry and fiction. She also teaches reasonably priced writing classes from her site, that range from journaling for the writer to "how to" lessons in genre and literary writing; Her services as a line-editor and mentor are competitively priced. Her story, Grasshoppers, was chosen to appear on the Nicholas Grabowsky/Clive Barker, on the site, www.downwarden.com (go to fan fiction and click on her name). Copies of the book reviews she has done for Blackmask.com can be accessed by placing her name in your search engine or by request. And please remember that if you are going to purchase any of her work, do so only from Amazon.com or her website, as all other sites are pirate sites selling her books illegally.