Novelspot Rating Guidelines

10 Quills: What an amazing book! This book is perfect. It made me laugh, cry, leap through emotional hoops. It's changed my life, I tell you. You MUST read this.
9 Quills: This is a great read. Fantastic. It may not be life altering, but you wouldn't notice, because you're having such a great time reading it. Kudos to the author.
8 Quills: This book was really good. It's different for its genre but that's why I liked it. Don't miss this read.
7 Quills: A very good book. A fine example of its genre with perhaps only a single element missing to take it to the realms of the immortals. I would highly recommend this book.
6 Quills: Want to read a good book? I figured or you wouldn't be here. This is a good representation of its genre, fun to read, enjoyable, but it doesn't quite have the oomph to take it to that next level. Still, I'd recommend reading it, if you like this genre.
5 Quills: A decent book. It brings nothing new to the table, but it was a good read. Sure it has a couple of inconsistencies, but I liked it enough to ignore them. If you like this genre, consider reading this book.
4 Quills: This book has a major flaw that prevents me from enjoying it. I can't in good conscience recommend it, though others may not be put off by quite the same elements.
3 Quills: This book is not recommended. The errors in it would prevent just about anyone from enjoying it.
2 Quills: This book is not recommended. This book is so flawed that it was almost painful to read.
1 Quill: There is nothing to recommend this book at all. Not one thing. I'd rather read the side panel of a box of cereal.