Magnus and the Jewelled Book of the Universe (Book 1)

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Cover of Magnus and the Jewelled Box of the Universe
S. L. Browne


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Magnus and the Jewelled Book of the Universe is the kind of children’s book that puts you back in your grade school comfy place to read and not be bothered for a while. A lovely book to give to children and to the child within you.

Imagine if you will, a quiet unassuming life at eight years and three days while eating breakfast in a house on the hill. You are Magnus Tincomarus, a young boy with a name as strange as the house he grows up in. While is eating with his mentor Marlo Magnus, his old tutor, his grandmother announces he needs to pack a little bag. He is quite surprised as he has up to that day, never really gone anywhere. Where he ends up going, by way of a tornado no less, is another Earth in another dimension that is younger and, by jolly, has dinosaurs along with humans. And thus begin his adventure to stop the evil Murdamond, a wizard who craves all things shiny and new and wants to mine and steal the treasures of this new world unto its death.

Magnus has his work cut out for him. Along the way, he meets delightful dinosaurs, makes friends, and learns the way of magic with the wonderful book. He also finds out for himself just what magics he has as well. The only thing is, can he save this world, his own home planet? Read and see.
Nancy Louise
February 23, 2018