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Editing Packages

Editor: Natasha House


Copy Edit & Line Edit

Before you copy edit, consider a line edit. More style-focused, a line edit includes:

Correcting continuity problems
Looking for ways to improve the natural flow of the piece
The technical edit, a copy edit looks at the mechanics of your writing, including:

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
Rate: $0.006/word

The final edit before submitting your manuscript to an agent. Most of these errors should be found during the copy edits, but a proofread provides one final look at:

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
Rates: $0.004/word


Developmental Edit

Start here to tackle the big issues before moving on to the nit-picky details. A developmental edit includes:

Checking for theme and consistency
Checking for overall clarity
Evaluating for weaknesses, style, voice, and rhythm
For fiction: basic craft techniques, including characterization and plot development
Rate: $0.02

***Special Deal***

If you hire Natasha for your entire series she is offering a 20% package deal.

Finished product will be given after payment.

Payments made through PayPal only.

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