Don Bruns Day Five: The solitary life of a writer.


Writing is a solitary business. Woe is me, the lonely writer who is cooped up in a small office with only the sound of my keyboard clicking and...
I yell out to my wife. "What's another word for collaborate?"

"You've got a thesaurus on your computer."

"How do you spell thesaurus?"

I'm writing, all by myself and I hear the roar of the crowd.

"Did Ohio State score a touchdown?"

"Why don't you come in here and watch the game."

I've been writing for five minutes. I need a break.

Ohio State wins.

Back to the writing. The book won't finish itself. And what is the approach to LAX in Los Angeles? Skip, my protagonist, needs to fly to L.A. and I can Google search that. Whoa. There is actually a camera in a commercial cockpit landing on the runway. How cool. If I can do that, maybe I can see the inside of the airport. I've been there, but right There we are.

It's been four minutes of grueling research, so time for a Pepsi and where did I put the salted almonds?

"Who's playing now?"


It can't hurt if I just watch a little bit of this game.

Michigan doesn't win.

"Did you water the plants out by the pool?"


"I'll get them." It is so nice out here. Why don't I bring the computer out to write on the deck?

"Hey, Don."

"Gary." My neighbor. "That orange tree looks great."

"Help yourself, my friend. We've got more than we'll use."

"Let me get a basket."

Ah, the lonely, solitary life of a writer.

Tomorrow: Don Bruns Day Six: Distractions or Inspiration?

Don Bruns is a novelist, advertising executive, musician, songwriter, cook and painter who has no idea what he wants to do when he grows up. He's the author of nine books and was editor of the mystery/music anthology A Merry Band Of Murderers.

Don's published novels cover two series. One, a Caribbean thriller collection and two, the Stuff series, a humorous look at two twenty-four year old guys in South Florida who start their own detective agency and end up neck - deep in trouble. Skip and James from the Stuff series have often been compared to grown up versions of the Hardy Boys.

Jamaica Blue, Barbados Heat, South Beach Shakedown, St. Barts Breakdown and Bahama Burnout make up the Caribbean books. The Stuff series consists of Stuff To Die For, Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, Stuff To Spy For, and Don't Sweat The Small Stuff- which came out in December 2010.

His two series have won numerous awards, and the latest "Stuff" series has won a starred review in Booklist.