Day, Sylvia

Novelspot: What is the title of your latest release?


Novelspot: Is this your first book? If not, would you tell us about them?

Sylvia: 2005 was my debut year as an author, and I released six books.'Magic Fingers in the WICKED WORDS: SEX ON HOLIDAY anthology with Black Lace. (contemporary)CATCHING CAROLINE with Amber Quill Press (historical vampire)MISLED with Ellora's Cave (futuristic vampire)KISS OF THE NIGHT with Ellora's Cave (futuristic vampire)SNARING THE HUNTRESS with Amber Quill Press (sci/fi futuristic)WISH LIST with Ellora's Cave (contemporary)Information about my backlist, including behind-the-scenes trivia,reviews, and excerpts can be found on my website

Novelspot: Tell us a bit about yourself? Family, work, hobbies and interests?

Sylvia: I'm a wife and mother of two from Southern California. In my pre-author life I was a Russian linguist for the U.S. Army Military Intelligence, but now I write full-time. I love to read, love to travel, and love to watchbig dumb blow 'em up action movies. (love chocolate and slushy margaritas, too!)

Novelspot: What made you begin to write? How long have you been writing?

Sylvia: I've wanted to be a romance author since I was twelve (when I finished reading my first romance), but it wasn't until Oct. 2003 that I actuallysat down at the keyboard and typed the opening sentence of my first book.

Novelspot: Tell us how you chose your heroine, hero, and setting?

Sylvia: My books start different ways. Sometimes a premise sparks my interest(Like Her Mad Grace in BAD BOYS AHOY!. I wanted to write a gothic spoof, so that's how that story began.) Sometimes a particular character trait will intrigue me and I'll build the character aroundthat. Then I'll find the romantic interest that would best suit.

Novelspot: Did you need to do a great deal of research? If so, how,where, and when? Do you outline your plot or write your story as your characters developed?

Sylvia: I'm a pantser'--an author who writes by the seat of their pants--so I never know what's going to happen until it happens. I don't plan ahead, or do character sketches, or plot. I do research certain aspects of my historicals. For this I ask questions of the extremelyknowledgeable members of The Beau Monde (Romance Writers of America's special interest chapter for Regency authors) and study books I own that detail the era. I also use the internet

Novelspot: Are you a member of any critique groups or writing organizations?

Sylvia: I'm a member of Romance Writers of America and a few of their chapters--The Beau Monde, RWA Online, PASIC, and Passionate Ink, which I co-founded and am presently president of. I have two critique partners, but we don't function as a group. I couldn't get by without them. They're invaluable to me.

Novelspot: Are you planning any future projects?

Sylvia: I have five trade paperback releases in 2006. BAD BOYS AHOY! last Feb. - Brava DECLASSIFIED: DARK KISSES - July - Ellora's Cave' Treasure Hunters in ELLORA'S CAVEMEN: DREAMS OF THE OASIS II print/e-book anthology - June 21st - Ellora's Cave ASK FOR IT - Aug. - Brava Wish List in WHITE HOT HOLIDAYS print anthology - Sept. -Ellora's Cave And four releases scheduled in 2007 (so far!)THE STRANGER I MARRIED - Jan. 07 - Brava 'A Familiar Kind of Magic in an anthology - March 07 - Avon MY IMMORTAL - May 07 - Avon MY IMMORTAL II - Dec. 07 - Avon.

Novelspot: Can you tell us about your next book?

Sylvia: b>Ask For It is set in 1770 England. Beneath the silk and lace of London society lies an elite organization of spies who protect the crown from its enemies. But Marcus Ashford must also protect his heart from an unyielding passion. For additional information and excerpts go to

Novelspot: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us.