Naughty Words – An Introduction By Elizabeth Black

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My name is Elizabeth Black and I have been writing erotica and romance since 2007. My first published story was an erotic retelling of Cinderella. It was about what happened to Cinderella after her Happily Ever After wedding. Suffice to say, things were not happy in paradise. Scarlet Magazine in the U. K published the story. From there, I went on to publish several novels and novellas and numerous short stories. I also write horror and dark fiction with the pen name E. A. Black. So far, I've published only short stories. I'm working on a mystery novel right now.

My vision for Naughty Words is to entice my readers through fun and imaginative articles about relationships, the writing process, books, media, and my life. I may delve into horror and dark fiction if the topic is appropriate, but I shall mostly write about romance. Valentine's Day is right around the corner so this is the perfect time to begin my column.

I hope readers enjoy my posts and feel free to comment. Let's create a conversation. The world is wide open and the possibilities are endless. Welcome and thank you very much for reading.

You may find me at the following locations:

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