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Naked cover
Raine Miller
Atria, Simon and Schuster


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In Raine Miller's Naked, we meet Brynne Bennett American art student at the University of London and millionaire alpha male Londoner Ethan Blackstone. Not the brightest co-ed. She accepts a ride from a stranger, takes the Advil Ethan gives her and wakes up freaking about something we're not sure of. I'm not going to give away any spoilers except to say if Fifty Shades is a genre, this book is in it. Alpha male, sub female. The book lost some logic points for me since Ethan knows her American father but not that she is American. (And would you do this stuff with a friend's daughter?) Also, I really did not get the sense of London. The story felt as if it were set in the US.

As D/s stories go, this one fits the genre. The characters definitely have chemistry. The book is a quick read, and be assured it ends in a cliffhanger so as soon as you turn the page, you will want the next in the series. If you like Fifty Shades, you will like this book, especially if you're willing to take the character's location and nationalities with a grain of salt. They are engaging in the foreground, in spite of the background being off-center.