The Big Fat Surprise

The Big Fat Surprise
Teicholz, Nina
Simon & Schuster


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Investigative journalist Nina Teicholz digs deep into sixty years of experimentation on the American public, an unacknowledged experiment which has had disastrous consequences to our health, leading to the prevalence of nutrition-related disease. Does fat make you fat? Our common understanding to avoid fat, but our obsession with and failure to lose weight is obvious proof that restricting fat does not slim us down or keep us slim. Slimming fat—an oxymoron, right? Nina examines the spectacular lack of science behind the USDA recommendations regarding what constitutes a healthy diet.

Ask yourself if saturated fat is healthy or not. Teicholz's examines the history of the pseudo-science behind 'healthy' diet recommendations from the government-related sources like the ADA, the American Heart Association, etc. Her research goes back beyond physiologist Ancel Keyes whose science went only as far as it supported his slippery theory that demonized fat. Teicholz looks behind the curtain. You don't believe there's a government conspiracy by Big Food that is behind metabolic disorders cursing much of the US from birth on? Boy, do you have a surprise coming.