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      The Rocaberti Writers' Retreat
      The hugely successful Rocaberti Writers’ Retreat is delighted to announce the launch of their Annual Scholarship Program and is offering TWO FULL SCHOLARSHIPS and several partial ones to their prestigious retreats at a spectacular medieval castle in France: https://rocabertiwriters.com/castles/marouatte-castle/

      Rocaberti mentors include:

      Jen Grisanti, former Studio Exec and the Writing Instructor for NBC’s Writers on the Verge;
      British film producer Joan Lane, who developed the Academy Award-winning THE KING’S SPEECH;
      Australian film producer Judi Levine (THE SESSIONS, FALLING FOR FIGARO);
      Kala Guess, the Director of Final Draft’s Big Break contest;
      Million-dollar screenwriter Diane Drake (WHAT WOMEN WANT, ONLY YOU);
      Simon Egan, Academy Award-winning producer of THE KING’S SPEECH;
      Wendy Kram, producer of MAD MONEY;
      Award-winning British film director Niall Johnson and
      Kelly Edwards, the Senior VP of Talent Development for WarnerMedia Entertainment.

      DEADLINE: Sunday, January 16th, 2022, 12 midnight US West Coast time.

      Entrance Fee: None. They just ask that you share about the contest on social media. :)

      Please fill out the form at: https://rocabertiwriters.com/scholarships/2022/ where you will be asked to:

      a) Enter a logline (max: 35 words) of your screenplay, TV pilot or book, as well as explaining why you believe you're deserving of a scholarship (max: 300 words).

      b) Confirm that you can cover the remaining retreat fees (3,995 euros, instead of the usual fees of 5,495 euros) if awarded a Partial Scholarship of 1,500 euros.

      c) Include the screenshot of your post share on social media.

      GOOD LUCK!