Love You, Mean It

Gagnon, Jilly
RandomHouse Publishing Group


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Ellie Greco left the nest but spent the last five years back home in Milborough running the Greco’s Deli, keeping it alive for its third generation. She's a little bitter about giving up her New York dream to make theater costumes, but she's determined to keep the deli alive. She's modernized it slightly into a gourmet deli, and is eking out a living, but there's a rumor that competition will be coming to town brought by the wealthy family of a peer, Theo Taylor, whom Ellie believes is a snob.

She reaches out to Theo to ask him to not bring competition to town, but an accident during their meeting renders him with amnesia. When the dust clears, Ellie finds herself masquerading—somewhat reluctantly—as his fiancée. The truth comes out, and Ellie and Theo join forces to fake the engagement.

The story is a romance, a mix of romance subgenres and tropes. There are some cute moments, no characters that really sucked me in to the story.