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NaNoWriMo winner 2011, 2015, 2016,
Favorite authors/books: 
Arthur C. Clark, and so many others
Why I read/write: 
Because stories are brimming all around me, and when they are not, I do visual arts till those waves too recede from my shore. I hear and see the muses of my heart and put them to work for others to discover and I hope, enjoy.
Born in California before the internet, I learned to read a book mostly on my own. The memory of my realizing I could read, was when I saw in a book, an illustration of a red ball and the four letter word "Ball" and then the next page, "Red Ball" my first sentence. My mind had gained a key to opening doors. I am Deaf, but words no longer remained a far off language I could not grasp, the world was mine. I have never looked back since.
I am nearing the age of retirement. I find that very funny. I had no idea that Authors/Artist would retire any more than readers would. What a silly idea, to stop creating in a world fully engaged with the machine and not the heart of humanity.