Allie lives at a desk and is now chair-shaped. She is published in fiction and nonfiction. It may be difficult to tell which is which. She is either writing, editing or teaching English/Drama /Creative Writing. She used to sleep occasionally, but now she edits, writes and ghostwrites. She optimistically hopes you will buy her medieval Scottish novel Earthchild or A Wee Light on Kindle so she can get her poor dog a bone.

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Hello, Allie,

I recently met and spoke with Steve Lazarowitz about writing. I am new to the freelance game, and he has been at it a while. He had a great deal of advice to give me, and he recommended this site. He also suggested I write to you directly. I am excited to begin reviewing books! I realize that this is not paid work, but I am happy to gain experience and exposure. I mostly wanted to introduce myself. Thank you for your time.

We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to.

- Somerset Maugham

Are you interested in reviewing, Heather? I'll get in touch.