Allen, Kayelle

SciFi Romance author Kayelle Allen is married to her own personal hero, and believes Romance Lives Forever. She loves heavy metal, hard rock, and adores Rammstein, never misses 24, the Unit, action movies or good SciFi. She learned to play Sudoku and now dream rows of numbers. She developed 10k years of future history, wrote a feline language, and created tradestandard laws. One reader said, "Think you know what'll happen next? No way! It's by Kayelle..." She created a 130-page website, coordinated numerous multi-author online promos, is writing a SF Romance m/m trilogy for Loose Id, and has books at Liquid Silver and Shadowfire Press. She founded Marketing for Romance Writers, a group that helps authors of all genres learn about marketing and is creating the Ruby Awards for Website Excellence which will be presented erotic websites that use the internet in positive and innovative ways, and for community groups providing reviews, education, and other services for erotic-genre authors. The awards launch in 2009.