Andersen, Kai

Kai Andersen grew up in a very ordinary family, with two younger brothers and parents who hold boring jobs. She is single and lives in a small flat near the sea. A lover of nature, she loves to walk along the beach with the sand sifting through her bare feet and stare out at the sea. From an early age, she has kept herself occupied with a wide variety of reading materials, songs, dates with hot, hunky guys, and the occasional (forced) sports activity. She has been writing stories in her head since she was a youngster, but it was only in 2003 that she sat down before her laptop and completed several manuscripts. Her first novel, Tales of Enchantment 1: The Question of Royalty, is an adult fairy tale of passion and power and was published in 2004. Her writing interests ran the gamut of paranormal, fantasy, romantic suspense, and contemporary novels. These days, writing is her stress-buster from the heavy pressure of her day job. She continues to search for Prince Charming.