Campbell, Phyllis

Phyllis, welcome to Novelspot. What first got you started writing?

I have been reading romance novels since one year after my marriage. I love romance. I always have. It wasn't until I saw a really good romance movie that had a terrible ending, when I wondered about writing. I have to have that Happily Ever After. Since I always have movie-type dreams, I decided one morning after one of these dreams that I was going to try and write it into a book. Before I had that book finished, I had an idea for another one. Now...forty some-odd books later, I'm very happy I tried to write that first story.

What kind of writer are you?

My first love is historical, but I write contemporary, romantic comedy, westerns, romantic suspense, inspirationals, and I'm currently trying my hand at paranormal.

Do you get possessed by your characters?

I'm not sure. There are some stories that my characters bug me to death until I start writing them, and then if I put them on the back burner for a couple weeks, they start to talk to me, reminding me to get back to them. So I suppose if that's what you mean about possessed, then yes, you could say I am. And after writing a story, one of my secondary characters may want me to write them too, and they whisper in my ear that they'd really like a story... Then yes, I'm possessed.

Do you plot carefully?

I'm usually a 'fly-by-your-seat' kind of writer. I rarely plot at all. I have a general idea, and I sit down at the computer and start typing. Usually when I'm 3/4 of the way through the story, then I'll write a synopsis. However, most the time my story never ends up like I've figured.

What (if any) writing habits or quirks do you have?

I think I do. Now, if you'd asked me this a week ago, I wouldn't have been able to answer you. But one of my readers told me that she loves my stories because I have a habit of writing humor when my hero / heroine banter back and forth. I didn't realize this, but now that I have, I must say this is a Phyllis Campbell trait. You'll find this in most of my stories.

Who are your favorite authors?

Kathleen E Woodiwiss, The Rose In Winter, was the book that made me fall in love with romance novels. She's still on my favorite's list, and along with her are: Judith McNaught, LaVryle Spencer, Jude Deveraux, Johanna Lindsay, Julia Quinn, and Heather Graham.

Any role models?

None that I can think of right off the top of my head. I do look up to my critique partners. They're AWESOME and some of the best writers in the world!

What is the best writing advice you ever got?

Someone told me once to never stop learning. That was the best advice, I think, because it makes me strive harder to making my stories better. I don't ever want to get to the point in my writing career that I know everything. Unfortunately, I know a few writers like this, and they're not very nice. I want to be very helpful to new writers, and I want to teach them what I'm learning.

What (writing) advice do you give others?

Probably the same advice I was given. Don't stop learning!! Also, NEVER GIVE UP. It's a tough world out there, and it's easy to feel depressed. But keep your fingers flying across the keyboard and keep your muse alive!

Has your writing evolved?

I would like to think so. Because I strive to keep learning new things and new writing methods, I want to think my stories get better as I go - as most authors, I'm sure.

Where do you see your writing going in the next ten years? dream is to make enough money from my books that I can quit my day job. I'm going to work like mad to get there, so that's where I'm seeing myself in ten years.

How do you jumpstart your writing?

If my muse has left me for a while, or lost somewhere, I usually read back over my old, unpublished stories. This makes me want to write to make the story better.

Can you talk about your most recent publication?

Holding Out For A Hero is a historical western that takes place in Texas, 1880. It's been out since August, and I'm getting great reviews! It's available as ebook, and can also be ordered in most bookstores (B&N, Borders, etc)

"The Wild West has bandits, rattlers, and cactus galore…Texas has Jesse and Summer, the town’s newest and most hard-headed heroes.

Summer Bennett is determined to stop her sister from marrying, Jesse Slade. Gotta get money…fast, for her father’s operation. The reward money’s the only way. Complications arise when Jesses rescues her from dangerous situations. Instead of using his head for slingshot target, she dreams of piercing his heart.

For thirteen years, little Summer was the burr under the Texas Ranger’s saddle. Now Jesse feels a different irritation. She’s on his mind even while searching for outlaws. She and her proper sister are as different as sweet lemonade and corn liquor. Yet he feels like kissing her. Funny, because he’d always wanted to tie her to the outhouse before. "

What else do you have in the works?

I'm working on the last two historicals in my Fielding Brothers Series The books that belong to this group are; My Heart Belongs To You, My Knight My Rogue, and Always My Love. I'm working on Web Of Deceit, and Love Comes Blindly. Here are the blurbs for those stories.

Not even lies can deceive the heart.

Judith O’Neil wants to keep her freedom—and her grandmother’s estate in Scotland. But can she do both? Especially when her father demands she marry a man from England before he can give her an inheritance.

Andrew Dean is tired of being the stable help, and jumps at the chance of playing Lady Judith’s pretend husband. But he didn’t plan on falling in love...or discovering a secret that had been hidden in his memory for twenty years.

...and Love Comes Blindly -

Gregg Fielding never thought he’d lose his eyesight. But being a Blockade runner for the South was a dangerous mission. What was even more dangerous was having feelings of love for the angel of mercy who was on her way to becoming a nun...and helping him on his way to seeing again.

Madeline O’Neil was still a novice, and determined to give her life to God. But when a man from her past disrupts her goal, how can she keep her feelings guarded? As long as he remains blind, he’ll never know her secret. He’d hate her if he ever found out.

My website is "
My publisher is Champagne Books
Titles available :
(in ebook) My Heart Belongs To You
My Knight, My Rogue
Always, My Love
(in ebook & paperback)
Stupid Cupid
Mistletoe Magic
Ten Ways To Melt A Man's Heart
Holding Out For A Hero