Evans, Colin

Basically, I taught myself to read and write.
I am a sixty-two years old Welshman and old school biker that moved to somerset some forty odd years ago, I lived in a cave in Cheddar Gorge for the best part of a year then I moved into a disused Quarry in Shipham. I then lived in a tent in a field at Lukey's Cider Farm. From there I moved into a shared House in Axbridge. Eventually, I got married and bought a house in Weston-Super-Mare, where I live with my wife and two children.

Summary of The Entelligent Idiot
This beautiful World is going to go through some major changes in the not too distant future, and none of that will be for the better.

Writing schedule
I work nights as a Security Guard. Normally I am on my own in my camper Van, doing twelve hours or fifteen-hour shifts, so I have plenty of time to write.

Favourite writing situations
I sat in the camper van or unit during working hours. I have an old ipod that has every song Pink Floyd ever made on it so I tend to put that on. It helps me concentrate on my writing.

Desert Island
Who would I want on the desert island? David Attenborough because we are like minded and trying to reach the same goals.
Bear Grills because we are like-minded in the nature side. Plus we wouldn't starve.

Where did your love of books come from
I would have to say my love of books comes from The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. But I didn't discover my love for writing until I was in my late fifties.

Goals for Book
I wrote The Entelligant Idiot to tell people how we're needlessly destroying everything we need to survive on this planet for profit, the goal is to get many people as possible to read it and hopefully change the way they look at this universe and beautiful World, before its too late.

The hardest part.
The hardest part of writing my book was doing the four years of research, and then fitting it into what I'd already written. Plus I'm self-taught. I struggled quite a bit with grammar and punctuation.

What I enjoyed the most in writing the book.
The book was increasing my knowledge and just how badly we treat this planet, plus all the reviews I've received so far goes to show just how many people feel the same way as I do about this world and what we're doing to it. These people have encouraged me to carry on with my writing, I'd like to say thank you to them for all the encouragement. Personally, I prefer a book to be a book. I've tried reading Ebooks. But I like to hold a book to read it, if you know what I mean. But each to their own, as long as they're reading it's fine.

Personal comment./
The hardest part of writing a book is promoting it. Unless you have a lot of money to throw at it on advertising, it's practically impossible to get your work noticed, plus trying to get people to leave reviews is impossible.

I would like to Thank Novel spot for the opportunity to do this Interview.